April 3, 2011

Sneak Peek of Bob Gaudio’s Interview with Blurt Magazine!

April 3rd, 2011

Four Seasons
The Four Seasons (Photo Courtesy: Warner Brothers)

A.D. Amorosi of Blurt Magazine has posted a fantastic interview with the legendary Bob Gaudio, who shares some fascinating insights on the success of The Four Seasons over the last five decades and the JERSEY BOYS phenomenon.

Blurt: Let’s duck to back to Jersey Boys’ genesis. You always wanted to take the band’s songs beyond the radio and the stage. I get that it was that moment in 1978′s The Deer Hunter when you got struck by that notion that the songs were bigger than even mere music could hold. The scene with the soldiers and “Can’t Take my Eyes Off You” was a wake up moment. Why?

Bob Gaudio: We were not part of the MTV generation or any generation before that on any larger visual scale. We never had a video. There was never was a lot of call for that from us. We were a record band and a live band. There was the occasional Ed Sullivan appearance or so but never something that brought a song beyond its moment; to another level , as it had been in The Deer Hunter. That was the first time I saw it in that sort of context; a brilliant film with a brilliant cast and brilliant director. The setting was very affecting to me. It was the first time I had a feeling that our music had longevity radio and records.

Blurt: Something that’s not so pleasant – the mob stuff, how you guys had to get yourselves out from under that. Marshall Brickman [and Rick Elice] brought that out of you guys.

Bob Gaudio: The writers were as excited about our story – no holds barred tough as we were – and here we are. I mean it wasn’t as fast as that. Everybody spun in circles for a few years. But once it landed it landed.

Visit Blurt-online.com to read the full interview.

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