April 16, 2013

The Charm of Jersey Boys!

April 16th, 2013

David Hillier of The Independent has a great piece on the charm of the JERSEY BOYS story on stage (and soon to be on the big screen!). Below is a preview:

If Gaudio is the brain of the band and Valli the voice, then the soul must be New Jersey itself. In the eight years since the musical’s Broadway debut, it has put the state on the map: from the sublime (Boardwalk Empire) to the subhuman (Jersey Shore). The mafia-riddled neighbourhood had an overwhelming grip on original members Nick Massi and Tommy DeVito, who did time even before the first hit. It gave the Four Seasons an edge, contradictory to some of their saccharine earlier material. It also nearly proved their undoing, when the rough ideologies of DeVito, in particular, almost caused total implosion. It makes for compelling viewing.

After Tom Hooper’s triumphant stage-to-silver screen transfer of Les Miserables, Eastwood might seem like another welcome left-field choice for director. But his pedigree has already been proven in Paint Your Wagon. Additionally, the director, an ardent jazz fan, has received various accolades for his musical compositions. Until this interesting proposition hits cinemas Jersey Boys will continue to pack theatre stalls because its story and songs allow the audience to leave their seats feeling totally elated. That is the show and band’s true legacy.

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