November 7, 2011

Washington Examiner Chats with Jersey Boys Music Director & Vocal Arranger Ron Melrose!

November 7th, 2011

The JERSEY BOYS national tour returns to DC beginning this Thursday through January 7 and The Washington Examiner’s Emily Cary has a terrific preview with JB music director and vocal director Ron Melrose. Here’s a sneak peak of the feature:

Ron Melrose, the music director and vocal arranger, was one of the geniuses behind the production from its beginning. As the one responsible for keeping all six shows on the same page at all times, he rotates between the companies to make certain that every element is intact. During the 12 weeks while the new tour has been forming and rehearsing, he is constantly in hands-on mode.

“There are two aspects of the show that must be done exactly right to maintain integrity,” he said. “First of all, the story-telling must be fresh. Even though the cast is telling the same story night after night, they can’t fall back. Secondly, it’s put together so intricately on every level that nothing varies, not the lighting, sound cues, musical closings or any other aspect. Everything works like a Swiss watch.”

Visit to read the full feature.

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