December 20, 2006

Daniel Reichard’s Magical Holiday Concert

December 20th, 2006

Daniel and Bobby

Jersey Boys Blog is thrilled to present special correspondent Audrey Rockman’s review of Daniel Reichard’s “Christmas in Black and White” concert at the Metropolitan Room.

As Bob Crewe says to Daniel’s Jersey Boys character- ‘the crowd goes wild… the crowd does go wild, doesn’t it?’ Yes… the sold out, intimate crowd of 90 at the Metropolitan Room went wild.

One encore for Daniel is a given, but after the second persistent ovation at the end, Daniel had to finally tell us ‘Go home now.’ If it wasn’t 11:30 and a school night for people like teachers Kathy and Laura from the Jersey Shore area, we might not have complied.

Daniel transported us like a vocal hypnotist back in history, back to our childhoods, over the (Moon) river and through the woods. He led the way with his own memories of Midnight Mass as a young kid in a large family. He dissolved from that crowded room on 22nd Street and drifted back to a church pew in the Midwest as he sang “What Child is This.” Later, two special guests who joined him on stage were Kelli O’Hara, who was the perfect half of Oklahoma’s “People Will Say We’re in Love” and Joey Dudding (Chorus Line). Bobby Spencer, who certainly needs no introduction… in this crowd, came on with a golf club toting Bing Crosby shtick and then moved on to a heartfelt harmony with Daniel of “Little Drummer Boy”.

Although Daniel always has a lighthearted, humorous feel to his shows (maybe with a little creative help from his friend, Rick Elice, who was in attendance!), the ‘serious’ comic relief came from Kelly Kinsella, a dresser for Jersey Boys, who has her own comedy act. The ambiance was set by Steve Gibbs on guitar, Christian Bell on violin and Peter Sachon on the cello. Steve, visiting from the musicians at JB, did some magical stuff on the harmonica when Daniel sang “Moon River.” (Now you’re really wishing you were there, right?!) It wasn’t such a “Silent Night” when Bryan Perri, stealing away from the Wicked tour, hit the piano for the evening, adding his voice to such favorites as “Away in the Manger.”

Overused but so true… Oh, What a Night of nostalgia, romance, humor and sheer talent.

Thank you to special correspondent Audrey Rockman for sharing her experience of the magical evening at Daniel Reichard’s “Christmas in Black and White” concert!

Photo Credit: Kathy Bartsche


  1. You hit the nail on the head, Audrey; Daniel and his friends were absolutely marvelous. I sat there mesmerized by the fast pace, Daniel’s amazing voice, and his talented guests. And he really did let his guests shine, and showed his appreciation.

    So, did you give away the secret for Daniel’s great sense of humor??–Rick Elice?? And I thought they were all Daniel’s original ad-libs!!

    Seriously, I agree with all you said, but I want to add how great it was hearing “Moon River” again with Steve’s great harmonica work setting up Daniel’s wonderful pipes. It gave me goose bumps to go back to the days of Audrey Hepburn, Geroge Peppard, and “Cat”, and Steve and Daniel gave Andy Williams, Henry Mancini, and Jerry Butler a run for their money.

    I was also touched by Daniel’s fine tribute to John Denver and his Christmas album with the Muppets. John Denver was my favorite 1970′s artist, and Daniel’s rendition (with ample support from Bryan) was terrific. I know my friend, Jeff Deutschendorf, John Denver’s first cousin and boyhood friend, will be blown away when I tell him.

    But, as always, I really take my hats off to Daniel for staying for as long as it took to greet everyone personally and thank them for coming. I’ve been to many events (entertainment and sports) where the headliners just can’t wait to take off.

    Thank you for a marvelous summary, Audrey. I’ve read it and re-read it several times, and it is giving me the opportunity to experience a wonderful evening again and again!

    Comment by Howard — December 20, 2006 @ 11:36 am

  2. wow! it sounds amazing! Audrey (mom) really seem to capture the night. Eventhough I wasnt there..I feel like I was. All I have to say is “oh what a night” it must have been!

    Comment by Loni — December 20, 2006 @ 2:10 pm

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