December 19, 2009

Frankie Valli Reflects on Jersey Boys’ Success

December 19th, 2009

Frankie Valli

Journal Register News Service reporter Gary Graff has a terrific Q&A with the legendary pop icon Frankie Valli, who talks about the JERSEY BOYS phenomenon. Below is a preview:

Q: So what has “Jersey Boys” meant to you?

Valli: It’s been incredible. It’s been an entire rejuvenation of a career. It’s not that we ever stopped working, and there was always more than enough as far as work was concerned, but it just brought it up a few notches. There was more awareness. A lot of people who knew of the Four Seasons didn’t really know that we’d recorded that many hit songs because we were constantly changing the bag we were in.

Q: What’s the appeal?

Valli: I think it’s the story. I think it was the untold things that were revealed in the play that people didn’t know about us. That was a great big help; like I said, the awareness that we had this music and it all belongs to us. I’m amazed at how many people say, “Geez, I didn’t know you recorded that” or this or the other.”

Visit for the full interview.

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