July 22, 2010

JB Vegas’ Bob Gaudio Peter Saide & His Oz Connection!

July 22nd, 2010

JB Vegas Four Seasons
Jersey Boys Vegas Four Seasons: Jeff Leibow, Travis Cloer, Peter Saide, and Devin May (Photo Credit: LVRJ.com

Corey Levitan has an interesting feature on the many performers from the Land Down Under who have found a niche in Strip productions. One of the performers interviewed for the piece is JERSEY BOYS Vegas cast member Peter Saide, who plays Bob Gaudio.

Peter Saide, who plays Four Seasons keyboardist Bob Gaudio in “Jersey Boys” at The Palazzo, suspects his countrymates of making better all-around candidates for Strip musicals.

“I feel like we have a really varied skill set as performers,” says Saide, who began singing, dancing and acting with the cast in November. He explains that show business back home is “very small and extraordinarily competitive.”

“It’s more difficult to be a specialist performer in Australia,” he says, “so a lot more performers have multiple feathers in their cap.”

One of Saide’s most impressive feathers is the ability to transform a “good on ya” accent into impeccable New Joisey-ese every night.

“It’s not really a big deal to us,” Saide says, explaining that accent mastery is required of all Australian acting students.

“Very rarely are we going to be in a show where we’re not required to do an accent,” Saide says, “because there are not a lot of musicals written about Australian people.”

Visit LVRJ.com to read the full article.

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