February 19, 2013

Jersey Boys 1st Natl Tour Brilliant in Boston!

February 19th, 2013

Jen O’Brien gives JERSEY BOYS in Boston a fabulous review! Check out an excerpt:

The organization of the play is brilliant. It follows the four original members of The Four Seasons and accordingly it is broken up into four acts, an act for each season and told in each of the four band members’ perspectives. Three large TV screens in the background announce each new act: spring, summer, fall, and winter. They also offer cartoon images that explain a scene or a song. The set design is extremely clever because of these explanatory TV screens and for quick set changes of tables, chairs, microphones, benches that slide on and off set, some by characters and some that are mechanically slid on stage. A wall of chain linked fence glides up and down as a main backdrop to the play that symbolizes prison, being trapped, and the over-crowdedness of Jersey.

One of the best scenes is memorable not for the song they sing but for the stage direction that had their backs facing the audience as they sang to an invisible audience that was the back stage wall. The brilliant angle played very well into the story of the play, a “backstage look” at a band’s triumphs and follies.

Click HERE to read the entire write-up.

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