January 18, 2015

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Shines in Schenectady!

January 18th, 2015

Splendid reviews for JB national tour in Schenectady! Check out critics’ snapshots below:

WAMC.org: Performances are excellent with Hayden Milanes as Frankie Valli. He sings wonderful as he takes his character on a fascinating journey from uncertain kid to the moral leader of the group.

Nicolas Dromard finds the charm of the ego-driven Tommy DiVIto, the man who was responsible for their early success and the man who almost destroyed them. It’s nice work as Dromard helps us see why everyone trusted an untrustworthy man

Drew Seeley maintains a boyish quality as the songwriter and business genius Bob Gauda and Keith Hines plays Nick Massi is the quiet member with a sanitary fetish who leaves the group because he felt he was their Ringo.

Barry Anderson who plays Bob Crewe with a comic flamboyance leads a strong supporting cast, all of whom play multiple roles. Click HERE to listen to the full review.

Steve Barnes, TimesUnion.com: As a result, when Valli’s pristine falsetto takes flight, re-created on this tour by Hayden Milanes as Valli, the audience is transported to what memory tells us was a simpler time, at least from our side of the radio. From the boys’ perspective it was far more complicated. Growing up in Belleville, N.J., in an Italian enclave from which the only routes out are joining the Army, joining the mob or becoming a star, the boys follow their musical talents.

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