January 20, 2015

Jersey Boys Tour Plays Elmira’s Clemens Center Tonight through Sunday 1/25; Check Out Interview with Bob Gaudio in StarGazette.com

January 20th, 2015

Bob Gaudio
Bob Gaudio (Photo Credit: J.T. Macmillan Photography)

JB national tour plays Elmira’s Clemens Center tonight through Sunday. Check out the insightful interview with legendary Bob Gadio in StarGazette.com. Below is a sneak peek:

Despite co-writing most of the show’s songs, Gaudio is surprisingly humble about his role in the success of “Jersey Boys.”

“There’s a number of possible catalogs that could have been as successful as the treatment we had,” he said. “The writing, the production, the music direction, the staging — it was the perfect storm. Everyone involved was at the top of their game.

“You could attribute that to maybe liking the music and what they were doing, so we can take some credit there, but nevertheless, the story was something everybody jumped all over once they heard it.”

He pointed out that the Four Seasons songbook boasts “a diversification of music that is perfect for a Broadway show. If you’re writing a new musical, every song is not supposed to sound the same.”

Click HERE to read the entire feature.

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