April 27, 2008

Jersey Boys Sensational in St. Louis!

April 27th, 2008

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Theater Critic Judith Newmark had a wonderful time at Jersey Boys! She notes that if you ever turned on a car radio, you belong at “Jersey Boys.” The spirited, Tony-winning musical that just opened at the Fox Theatre not only makes baby boomers feel 16 again, it reminds everyone why 16 was so great to begin with.

“Jersey Boys” tells the story of the Four Seasons — especially Frankie Valli, the vocalist whose wide-ranging, yearning falsetto gave the quartet its unmistakable sound. Despite all their hits, people don’t usually count the Four Seasons among the groundbreaking groups of pop music. But “Jersey Boys,” with its seemingly endless stream of hits, makes you reconsider.

Valli’s voice comes through perfectly, thanks to a sensational performance from Christopher Kale Jones. As vocalist and as an actor, playing Valli from a sweet, naive kid to a worldly wise man who holds on to an old code of honor in the face of success and loss, Jones is simply electrifying.

Read the full review on STLTodaycom.

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