September 16, 2007

Senator Raymond Lesniak–A Big Jersey Boys Fan!

September 16th, 2007

On his NJ Voices blog, Senator Raymond Lesniak says that has seen Jersey Boys three times and he intends to see it again.

Lesniak states that there are two lines in the show that brought tears of joy and pride to be from New Jersey to his eyes. The lines are based on a value system so “New Jersey.”

Bob Gaudio explains to Frankie Valli, since he writes the songs and Valli’s voice makes them hits, they should form a partnership to share the royalties. When Valli agrees, Gaudio says, we’ll get the lawyers to draw up a contract. Valli responds, “Lawyers? Contract?, We don’t need them. All we need is a “Jersey” contract”. And he holds out his hand for a handshake.

Later in the show, at a meeting of the group with the mob leaders who were demanding payment from Tommy DeVito or he would soon be “swimming with the fish”, Valli declares that the group would assume DeVito’s debt and would pay it off with their earnings.

Nick Massi, the group’s bass player, turns to the audience and says, “Why would anyone agree to pay off someone else’s gambling debt? Especially someone who tried to score with your girl? If you don’t understand that, you ain’t from Jersey.”

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